inner peace briefly

a small quiet to fit in your pocket. mail project, 2019.

Finding inner peace is difficult when I’m surrounded by chaos. While I strongly believe that we need to be active participants in the world we live in, I always need a moment, a small quiet, to collect my thoughts. A small moment helps us understand chaos, repressed fear, anxieties, and hope. inner peace briefly is a book series featuring a collection of unfolding photographs, collages, and found media that I hope for you to keep in your pocket for the duration of its lifetime, and possibly, yours. It will decay and wear down with time and use. Each book set is unique to the rest of the series, and sent by mail to those I personally know and care about. It is a small reminder that through hardships and struggle; regeneration, healing, and possibility is also in the balance.


acts of gradual progression

collaborative exhibition at the Center for Visual Arts Galleries at Southern Oregon University by Sheila Lam and Bridget Quinn. 2018. 

Acts of Gradual Progression is about longings to create genuine connections through vulnerability and creative exploration. Over the course of 6 months, Sheila Lam and Bridget Quinn collaborated via phone calls, emails, mysterious packages, nonsensical instructions, even long-distance webcam chats with nearby domestic plants. These small calls to action and self-reflective play extend beyond their relationship, into the web of proximity and relationships around them.




Photograph documentation of collaborations with Bridget QuinnAn outdoor continuation of the exhibition, Acts of Gradual Progression.


a small quiet


Handmade foldout book pair, photograph and digital collage. A small quiet to fit in your pocket. 2x2x0.5". Contains the following pages titled (left to right) honey ; drawlexy hide .


walks in progress / camera obscura


Constantly changing installation. Residency with Swale on Governors Island, NY. Thinking about ways we remember, physically existing memories, virtual ones, copies of memories, memories that last longer than the actual, memories that have deviated from the actual, memories you question whether or not they've happened, memories you'll never forget... // camera obscura. The door is used as a resonant material to play a selection of recordings during my walks on Govenors Island. Sounds to get you to slow down.


wide world


Metal sound sculpture, homemade contact mics, amplifier, delay pedal.

in PROG/retrograde


Immersive and interactive sound environment, metal sound sculpture, homemade contact mics, color shadows, playable string instrument, 1:30min audio.


2018. Fluid poem and bathtub. Installed with silkscreen print sequence on clothing lines.


2018. Silkscreen on watercolor paper.

say it

2018. This is a series of silkscreen prints, to be read as an unbounded book, in any order. More photos to be added.


2017. Performance with installation TOUCH SOUND : SEE SOUND.

to breathe

2017. Digital print on fabric, wax paper, and thread. The book makes a crinkly sound when turning the pages.


2017. Gelatin transfer on wood block. 7 x 5 x 0.75”. Photograph by Sheila Lam.

noise and the void

2017. Fresco transfer on wood block. 5.5 x 4 x 0.5”. Photograph by Sheila Lam.

on a walk at Joshua Tree

2017. Alcohol transfer on paper. 8.5x11". Photograph by Sheila Lam.


2017. Art book of one-sentence instructions that prompt the reader to build devices, each acting as an extension of the ear. The goal is to teach myself to be a better listener.  Left: Vinyl and paint on acrylic sheets. Right: Digital print on wood veneer.


2017. Interactive sound installation. Part of DEVICES FOR EVERYDAY LISTENING, an art book of one-sentence instructions that prompt the reader to build devices, each acting as an extension of the ear. One of the instructions, TOUCH SOUND : SEE SOUND, is actualized as an interactive sound installation, in which the floor is covered with artificial grass turf. Waist-high through the middle of the installation are twines connected to contact mics, intended for touch. When hands touch the twine, the sound of touch is amplified to reveal a tactile and textural experience, coupled with the feeling of bare feet walking across the scratchy floor.

Photography: Federico Savini

devices for everyday mindfulness: ant edition

2017. Hardcover book and mini cups-on-a-string, made for ants.

wanted: harmony  ::  got: noise

2017. This site-specific project takes place in the Broadway Triangle in Brooklyn, NY, and is accompanied by a walking tour of vacant lots in the 31-acre neighborhood. The walking tour culminates at the Harmony Triangle, a mid-street triangle that intersects 3 streets at the edge of the Broadway Triangle. Participants are asked about their ideas of harmony, and are invited to play an improvisational game based on the labor of cooperation.
Tear-off flyers were posted throughout the Triangle, asking members of the community to respond to questions about harmony, noise, co-existence, compromises, and difference as the vacant lots in the neighborhood continue to become sites of resistance and subjects for redevelopment. This is a work in progress, and at this stage, serves to collect data for further research. More information can be found at

for sunlight / for moonlight

Paper, copper tape, LED, battery, velcro. Submission for A.I.R. Gallery's annual Postcard Show, Wish You Were Here, 2017.

great expectations (rain and thunder)

Video. Intended for projected screening. 2017.

emergency exit light: music for panic, parts 1 & 2

2-pamphlet book, cardboard, copper tape, LED. 2017.

railroad connections

Hardcover accordion book/pocketbook meditations. 3x3". 2017.

when drinking water, remember its source (parallels)

Digital photographs. San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA. 2017.


Sound installation.  Travelling through familiar audio spaces intermixed with spaces of the imaginary. Iteration 3. 2017.

found sound

A series of modified sound pamplets. Click to hear. 2017.

touchsound/seesound: music for dysfunctional instruments

Non-sonorous, multi-media, single-page art book read in two ways: by texture, and by text. 2017.


#brooklynmakes is a collaborative project and part of COPE NYC’s 2016 residency. In partnership with the research lab Brooklyn Research, our group of 10+ students sought to mirror and reinterpret this creative maker lab as it currently exists in the old Pfizer manufacturing plant and all its industrial remnants. The project is interactive--viewers are invited to press buttons, make noise, step on bubble wrap, play with light and color, take home film slides, and navigate the space through a series of artist-led performances. 2016.
#brooklynmakes artists in residence are Pratt Fine Arts Undergraduates, Graduates, and Alumni: Felisa Adderley, Abby Cheney, Natalia Espinel, Sheila Lam, Chenchi Li, Adam McGowan, Trevis True, Weiran Sun, Chia-Ying Wang and Boris Ziu and alumna Susan Luss. Co-coordinated by Sheila Lam, Trevis True, and Susan Luss. The Faculty Advisor is Jean Shin, Adjunct Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute. Special thanks to COPE NYC, Brooklyn Research, Acumen Partners.

all but the heat of the fire

Sound Installation. 2016.

archive sonore

archive sonore is an ongoing digital library of personally-collected sounds. Presentation of this particular audio file circles_01 (2016) manifests itself into a black paper cup speaker, manually hooked up to an amplifier. From the cup, one can hear the metallic, circular motion of a human action. 2012-present.

Skins, 2013

on architecture and atmosphere

On silence, texture, and synesthesia