2020. multimedia series of stretches & sketches for compassion during a developing global quarantine


2019. a small quiet to fit in your pocket. international mail project.

Finding inner peace is a constant practice of balance. While I strongly believe that we need to be active participants in the world we live in, I also need a moment of contemplation, just a small quiet, to understand my fears, anxieties, and hopes. inner peace briefly is a book series featuring a collection of unfolding photographs and collages that I hope for you to keep in your pocket for the duration of its lifetime, and possibly, yours. It will decay and wear down with time and use. It is a small reminder that through hardships and struggle, there is also regeneration and possibility in the balance.


travellers, 2021. linocut on handmade paper.


2018. collaborative exhibition at the Center for Visual Arts Galleries at Southern Oregon University by Sheila Lam and Bridget Quinn.

Acts of Gradual Progression is about longings to create genuine connections through vulnerability and creative exploration. Over the course of 6 months, Sheila Lam and Bridget Quinn collaborated via phone calls, emails, mysterious packages, nonsensical instructions, even long-distance webcam chats with nearby domestic plants. These small calls to action and self-reflective play extend beyond their relationship, into the web of proximity and relationships around them.